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Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) was introduced on 7 April 2008 to provide Housing Benefit entitlement for tenants renting private sector accommodation in England, Scotland and Wales. The LHA system introduced significant changes to the way Housing Benefit (HB) levels are restricted and how benefit is paid. It did not replace Housing Benefit - it is just a different way of calculating entitlement under the existing Housing Benefit scheme: the Local Housing Allowance is based on the 30th percentile of local rented accommodation. LHA rates relate to the area in which the housing benefit claim is made. These areas are called Broad Rental Market Areas, defined as "where a person could reasonably be expected to live taking into account access to facilities and services."

LHA rates were set up so as to ensure tenants in similar circumstances and areas could claim similar amounts; i.e. based on their needs rather than based on their property, and so that in advance it was possible to know for an area how much rent could be covered by housing benefit

LHA rates for the Staffordshire Moorlands

Under 35's in this area will only be eligible for the 1 bed shared rate, which is 53.58 per week

Couples/Singles over 35 will be eligible for the 1 bed self contained rate, which is 80.55

2 bed rate is 90.90 per week

3 bed rate is 109.32 per week

4 bed rate is 139.84 per week


To put a claim in for help with your rent, please apply through Universal Credit, as new claims for Housing Benefit will not be authorised. 


If already on Universal Credit;

Sign into your journal; complete a change of circumstances; provide details of your new tenancy; take tenancy agreement into the job centre for evidence. 

This will then be paid direct to tenant on a monthly basis, on the same date that this is currently paid on; please forward to Landlord on receipt of this.


If still on an old style benefit, eg; JSA/ESA - then apply for Universal Credit, this has to be done on-line.


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