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Information for Participants/Tenants

The Scheme aims to assist people to secure accommodation in the private rented sector, which is affordable for those on low income, through the creation of shared tenancies. It is aimed at those who need assistance to find like minded people to share with.

In order to encourage landlords to offer shared tenancies, the Scheme offers a package of incentives to landlords and participants designed to reduce risk and support tenants.

The scheme relies on participants engaging fully with the process, accepting the responsibility of shared tenancies, and working with the Scheme’s support staff.

Key Features of the Scheme

Offers Landlords a Bond, in place of a cash deposit – against damage or excessive cleaning.

Provides a period of up to one month of lost rent to the Landlord in the event of a vacancy arising in a shared tenancy.

Provides a programme of workshops to prepare prospective participants in key areas, such as, paying bills; what Landlords are looking for in a tenant; sharing skills; resolving problems within a tenancy.

Can assist in matching people who may be interested in sharing and directing them towards participating landlords.

Provides six weeks automatic new tenancy support to get the tenancy up and running – overseeing claim forms; utility registration; help to settle; change of address; agreeing space and cleaning rotas; and access to longer term support if needed.

Completes a photo inventory at the start of the tenancy

Provides on going support for the duration of the tenancy including assistance to resolve any problems that may arise.

What is expected of the Participants

Completion of workshops

Willingness to work with support staff.

Commitment to inform staff if issues arise within the tenancy as soon as possible so that we can assist to resolve them.

To adhere to the first six month tenancy agreement offered by the Landlord and to give a minimum of four weeks written notice if you wish to end the tenancy after the fourth month.

To respect the views and rights of co-sharer, the Landlord and to take responsibility to work with them and the scheme to help ensure tenancies work to everyone’s benefit.

To agree a means of paying bills in a fair way. 

Rent in Advance assistance on a discretionary basis may be made which will be held by the landlord to offset any loss at the end of the tenancy.


What the Scheme can’t do:

The scheme is not aimed at families, couples or friends wishing to share.


The scheme can’t take on landlord responsibilities for repairs.


Do things for you, as participants. We can assist and support you, but participants are expected to decide to accept tenancies and to adhere to the legal requirements of those tenancies and the conditions of this Scheme. 

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This website is for :  people looking for private rented accommodation and landlords with accomodation to offer in the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales.

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