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Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal Information for Landlords

Disposing of Waste left by tenants

It is advisable that the tenant is encouraged to deal with their own waste whilst in occupancy of the property as if the property becomes vacant and the landlord is left with unwanted items then this waste is no longer considered as household but becomes commercial waste and is now the responsibility of the landlord. As the Household Waste Recycling Centres are provided and licensed only for Household Waste this avenue of disposal is not available to a landlord. A skip, direct delivery to a private disposal point or professional removal services would be required in this case.

The local business or BT directories are best used to locate Waste Disposal contractors.

If using the services of a disposal contractor care should be taken to ensure that the contractor has a Waste Carriers licence and that a Duty of Care note is provided showing the disposal route of the Waste. It is the Landlords responsibility to ensure correct disposal and fly tipped waste, even if a contractor has been employed, could result in prosecution by the Environment Agency unless reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the correct end disposal point of the waste.

More information on these regulations can be found at:

Derbyshire Dales Environment Hotline telephone number: 01629 761215.

High Peak Borough Council telephone number: 0845 129 77 77

Hazardous Waste

Some waste is classed as Hazardous. E.g Fridges and Televisions.

These must not be landfilled and some contractors may insist that the premises are registered as producers of Hazardous Waste before they will remove these items. This can be done by the landlord at the Environment Agencies website online for a small annual charge. There is an exemption of 200Kg of hazardous waste per year but of course this depends on the circumstances of the property.

If your tenant has left something that is obviously hazardous, such as a barrel of oil, then the County Council can advise on specialist contractors to remove this.

The County Council Call Derbyshire tel no is 08456 058 058 and the Waste Disposal office is 01629 580000 ext 7532

E Mail:

Derbyshire Dales Environment Hotline telephone number: 01629 761215.

High Peak Borough Council telephone number: 0845 129 77 77

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