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Tenancy Support - Private Sector Information for Landlords

What is it?
There are various Tenancy Support Schemes facilitated by Adullam which will support tenants who may be new to a tenancy or who are struggling to maintain their tenancy.
How will landlords benefit?
The Scheme aims to reduce the incidence of failed tenancies and encourage private sector landlords to let their accommodation in the knowledge that support for tenants can help to create stable and secure tenancies.

Specifically, Landlords will benefit from the:

  • Support provided to tenants in claiming housing benefit
  • Periodic monitoring of housing benefit
  • Help for tenants in maximizing income

In addition, Landlords accepting tenants through the Bond Schemes will be covered by the Bond Guarantee.

Staff will visit tenants in their own homes at least once a week and support them to work through practical issues and any other issues which may be causing them difficulties.

For existing tenants the support is voluntary and relies on people wanting to sort things out. The support is free.

It can last as long as needed to help enable the tenant to sort out issues and settle in the accommodation.

Details of the support will generally remain confidential between the tenant and the support worker. However, where specific issues are being resolved which directly impact on their tenancy - e.g. sorting out arrears or housing benefit claims, then tenants will be asked to give the worker permission to liaise with the landlord and other relevant agencies as appropriate

About the Schemes

High Peak Bond Scheme

The High Peak Bond Scheme has been running, for over 15 years during which time we have built, developed and maintained, excellent working relationships with landlords in the private rented sector, providing in excess of 120 bonds each year.

The Scheme assists people to access private rented accommodation by reducing initial move in costs, via the provision of a Bond, equivalent to the first months rent.

The Scheme is available to single people, over 18; couples and families.

As well as providing assistance to set up the tenancy and resolve any issues that arise, the Scheme also provides a package of new tenancy support to ensure the tenancy has the best chance of success.

For prospective tenants, participating in the Bond Scheme in High Peak it is now a condition of participation, so the landlord will be notified if the tenant has failed to meet with the support worker.

Safe Project

SAFE is a support service in High Peak and Derbyshire Dales, funded by DCC that offers support for those who are 25 and under who are in rented accommodation and are struggling or who are vulnerable and need some support to maintain their tenancy. A Support Worker will be allocated to them and they will work with them on all the issues that affect a tenancy - budgeting, paying bills, anti-social behaviour etc

Support for Vulnerable People
This is a Derbyshire Dales service and is largely aimed at those who are homeless and looking for accommodation. However support is also offered to those who are 18+ in rented accommodation who have complex needs and as a result of their high level of need are finding it hard to maintain their tenancy. The scheme works with those who have drug and alcohol issues, offending backgrounds, mental health issues and disabilities. It takes referrals from Probation, Drug teams, Mental Health Services, Social Care, the Prison Service, Housing and Landlords.
For further information please contact:
Anne Hall  07774 795101, Steve Ravey 07717 202926 or Jackie Hughes 07767 008090 Adullam Homes Housing Association Ltd

How to make a Referral

If you have a new tenant or a tenant struggling to maintain their tenancy please mention this scheme to them and ask them if they would like to talk to us, in confidence, about the support we can offer.

How to contact us

Please ring: 0129873798 or 01298767485  for High Peak and 0800 254 5251 for Derbyshire Dales to find out more or to make a referral on behalf of a tenant or prospective tenant.

Alternatively, tenants or prospective tenants can call us direct on the same telephone number.

Staff will contact the tenant direct and arrange an initial meeting to talk about the scheme.

If you have made a referral we will let you know if the tenant has accepted support.

Who else is involved?

This project has been developed in partnership with Derbyshire Dales District Council and High Peak Community Housing.

The project is funded by the East Midlands Regional Housing Board.

We work closely with a number of other people and organizations to provide further support, including:

Social Services

Local GPS

Housing Authorities

Community drug and alcohol teams

Training and education services

Probation services

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This website is for :  people looking for private rented accommodation and landlords with accomodation to offer in the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales.

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