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Tenancy Support Services

If you have a tenant who is struggling to maintain a tenancy; or just taking up a new tenancy, Adullam may be able to offer tenancy support services to those in private sector. 

For young people, under 25:    we provide a housing and support service as part of the SAFE consortium across Derbyshire (A partnership between ourselves and two other similar Housing Associations, Stonham and Framework).  This service, funded by Derbyshire County Council, can provide one to one support for young people living independently but who may need some support with, eg: budgeting; paying bills; developing independent living skills; understanding tenancy requirements etc.  This support is voluntary, so the young person must wish to receive support. 

If you have a young tenant who is struggling to maintain their tenancy, ask them if they would like to speak to us about receiving support, or talk to us about how to make a referral.

* For those over 25, we can provide you with information about similar services for the older age range.

Prepare to Place:  This is a tenancy preparation course, for those over 18,  with one to one support to assist people who have completed the course to access private sector accommodation and to have one to one support for the duration of the tenancy.  Those completing the course are also eligible for an enhanced Bond.

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