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Rights and responsibilities of being a tenant

Tenants should be aware of what their Responsibilies and Rights are when taking on as tenancy. Most of these should be written in the Tenancy agreement. Read the Tenancy Agreement properly so you know what they are.

Further information can be found on Shelter's website under 'Rights and Responsibilities'

There may also be some clauses in your tenancy agreement about  Anti-Social Behaviour. The Term Anti-Social Behaviour covers a range of behaviours, which are seen to be unreasonable, and could cause annoyance and Harassment and also more criminal behaviours. The legal definition of Anti-Social behaviour is ‘ Acting in a manor that caused of is likely to cause Alarm, Harassment or Distress to one or more persons not in the same household’


Behaviours, which can be classed as Anti-Social, include:


v      Noise Nuisance

v      Nuisance from Pets & Animals

v      Untidy Gardens

v      Children and Young People Causing a Nuisance

v      Nuisance from Vehicles

v      Rubbish Dumping

v      Drug or Alcohol Misuse

v      Harassment

v      Hate Crime

If you are a tenant you are responsible for all those who visit you in your property. If complaints are made about their Anti-Social Behaviour you will be held responsible.

For further information about ASB call:

Your Council’s Environmental Health team

( for Noise Nuisance, Nuisance from Pets & Animals, Untidy Gardens, Rubbish Dumping )

Mike Towers (High Peak Borough Council); 07990788416

Matt Hulley: (Derbyshire Dales District Council) 01629 761350)


Your Council's ASB Officer and Police Safer Neighborhood Team 

 ( For children and Young People Causing a Nuisance, Nuisance from Vehicles, Drug or Alcohol Misuse )

Alena Canty: (High Peak Borough Council) Community Safety Officer

0845 129 7777

Karen Cooper (Derbyshire Dales District Council) Anti-Social Behaviour Officer 01629 761187 or 07775931091

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