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What to Look for in an Advert

  • How much is the rent and does it include any bills or Council Tax
  • ‘References required' usually means that you will have to have a reference from a previous Landlord, or if you have no previous tenancy from someone who is in a profession.
  • ‘Deposit required' . A deposit is usually equal to a month's rent. This is put by the Landlord into a ‘Government Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme' (see also and will be returned at the end of the tenancy. If there are any rent arrears this will be taken out of the deposit. If you cannot afford a deposit then you can apply to HPCH, DDDC or SMDC to be accepted on to the Rent Deposit Scheme.
  • Landlords will also usually ask for a month's rent in advance - even if you are paying your rent with Housing Benefit. If you have not got the money then you can apply for a Discretionary Loan for it. See Shelter website for more information -Discretionary housing payments
  •  ‘No DSS' - this means that the landlord will not accept Housing Benefit, so you will have to find the rent yourself. If it does not say this then it is worth contacting them and asking if they do take DSS.
  • No pets - a lot of Landlords do not allow animals
  • ‘Will suit (quiet) professional...' this usually means that the landlord wants tenants who are working and older (over 25) and who will be responsible (quiet!) tenants.
  • Accredited Landlords -  These are Landlords who have met certain requirements and with whom you are guaranteed a good quality tenancy. When the Accreditation scheme is completed adverts for property will have the Accreditation logo on them. See Accredited Landlords List.
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This website is for :  people looking for private rented accommodation and landlords with accomodation to offer in the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales.

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