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Local Housing Allowance Rates

In a private sector tenancy, under 35's in this area will only be entitled to the 1 bed shared rate, which is 67.93 per week.


Single/couples over 35's will be entitled to the 1 bed rate, which is 90.21 per week


2 bed rate is 110.72per week

3 bed rate is 128.19per week

4 bed rate is 168.00 per week


You will only be entitled to the Housing Benefit rate for the number of rooms you require for the people in your family. For example if you choose to rent a 3 bed house and you are a couple with one child you will only get the 2 bed Housing Benefit rate as you only need 2 bedrooms. If the rent is more than this you will have to find the difference.

Derbyshire Dales District Council Housing Benefit:01629 761188


Last updated:  July 2019


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Last Modified: 1 Jul 2019
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