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Tenancy Support Information for New or Existing Tenants


If you are a tenant struggling with any aspect of your tenancy we may be able to help.

Tenancy support is a free service provided by Adullam's High Peak and Derbyshire Dales Housing Project, to anyone wanting support who is about to take up, or already lives in privately rented accommodation.


Making claims for housing benefit

Making other benefit claims or claims for Community Care Grants etc.

Sorting out gas, electricity, water services and bills.

Managing debt or payment plans.

Sorting out arrears you may have with your landlord.

Providing information about other housing options, if necessary.

Talking to landlords about repairs or other concerns you may have.

Completing forms.

Finding furniture for new accommodation.

Anything that may be of concern and importance to you - i.e. training, health etc.


The service has been developed because there is a severe lack of social housing. Local Housing Authorities and Housing Associations cannot meet the demand. The service we provide is independent and funded by the government as part of a programme to reduce homelessness.

Support meetings will usually be weekly and at an agreed location ( usually at your home). Support can last up to two years and is voluntary.

If you are participating in the Bond Scheme, the support is part of the Bond Agreement.

Your support will remain confidential, however, in order to assist you with specific things (e.g. benefit claims or sorting out arrears) we will need to talk to, for example, your landlord or other agencies.

We will ask your permission to do this.


If you live in the High Peak or Derbyshire Dales you can be referred by: your local Housing Department your landlord by any other agency you are working with or you can telephone the project directly. Please ring: 0129873798 or 01298767485 if you have any queries.


The project has been developed in partnership with Derbyshire Dales District Council and High Peak Community Housing.

The Project is funded by the East Midlands Regional Housing Board.

We work closely with a number of other people and organisations to provide further support, including:

Social Services

Local GPS

Housing Authorities

Community drug and alcohol teams

Training and education services

Probation services

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This website is for :  people looking for private rented accommodation and landlords with accomodation to offer in the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales.

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