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Prepare&Share Scheme

Working in conjunction with Derbyshire Dales District Council & High Peak Borough Council, Adullam Homes have developed a scheme to encourage and support prospective tenants and landlords to consider shared tenancies.

This scheme aims to bring together like minded people, aged 18 34, willing and able to share a two bed property. The scheme will help create more affordable accommodation options for people wishing to access the private rented sector. For landlords this will help reduce issues around rent shortfall / arrears and enable landlords to maximise income on property and benefit from the schemes support and incentives.

Adullam Homes will provide landlords and their sharing tenants with a range of services designed to assist in the creation, and maintenance of these shared tenancies. Precise packages will be set out for each pair of tenants and will include:

A Bond for each of the Two Tenants, equal to the first months rent.

Rent in Advance: On a discretionary basis. Tenants will be expected to pay rent in advance direct to the landlord equivalent to the first months rent. Where individual tenants cannot find the amount needed the scheme may be able to assist.  

Inventory of Property: At the initial sign up meeting between landlord and tenants, Adullam Homes will complete a photo inventory and basic property check.  

Loss of Rent: Where a tenant leaves, in an unplanned way, during the first six months, or at the point of planned departure where a replacement tenant is needed, thescheme will cover up to one month of lost rent per tenancy.  

Housing Benefit paid direct to Landlords: From day one we will check the progress of new claims to ensure they are up and running and liaise with Housing Benefit and the tenant to ensure any issues are resolved.  

A supply of Prepared and Matched Prospective Tenants: Those wishing to join the scheme will only be accepted once they have completed the Tenancy Preparation Workshops and been assessed as suitable.

Tenancy Support: All new tenants will receive a minimum of six meetings at the outset of the tenancy to help the tenancy get set up as well as on going support during the course of the tenancy. Staff will maintain contact and meet with the sharers at set intervals to check how things are going and ensure utility bills are being managed.  

Help and Support: We welcome involvement in this scheme by landlords and will hold occasional informal meetings to share ideas; receive feedback and review the scheme. We will provide information about tenancy related issues, where we can, or signpost landlords on to other services.  

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